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UHF Transmitter NH/NV 7001 (medium power)

Air-cooled transmitters for analog and digital TV (DVB-T or ATSC)

At a glance

With Transmitter Family NH/NV7000 Rohde & Schwarz has extended the generation of transmitters for medium power based on LDMOS transistors. These air-cooled transmitters are suitable for

analog and digital TV (DVB-T or ATSC).
The transmitters consist of the following components: The UHF transmitters are available for analog TV with powers of 250 W to 2 kW (combined) and for digital TV with powers of 100 W/125 W to 800 W/1000 W. The power amplifiers come as plug ins
  • with a power of 500 W for analog TV or 200 W/250 W for digital TV
  • or with a power of 250 W for analog TV or 100 W/125 W for digital TV

This means high fl exibility regarding output power and redundancy. Each amplifi er module has its own power supply. The newly developed exciter is an unrivalled innovation since signal processing is digital for analog TV signals too. The difference between the variants for analog TV, DVB-T and ATSC is simply the encoder module. Retrofi tting a transmitter from analog to digital
TV is thus very simple.

In addition, the exciter is extremely compact which permits the integration of a second exciter and the associated automatic switchover unit in all transmitters. The following standby systems
are available:
  • Exciter standby
  • Passive standby transmitter
  • Exciter standby with active output stage standby
  • n+1 standby

Moreover, the Transmitter Family NH/NV7000 offers a variety of options for remote control such as parallel interface, SNMP interface or the linkup via an integrated Web server.