Mastursmagnari M1002

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FTE mastursmagnari með inngang fyrir VHF og UHF
Preamplifier M 1002 UHF with very low noise figure and VHF mix to install where is necessary the reception of the channels in this band without amplification later. Concerning M 1003, has an input (VHF-UHF) and same features than M1002. Ideal to work with mixed antennas LOG 3235F type. Both references has a extremely low noise level.

Code 9002048
Inputs 2 VHF (47-230 MHz) UHF
Gain (dB) VHF: -0,5 dB UHF: 40
Regulation (dB) VHF: -- jumpers UHF: 7/14
Response flatness (dB) +/- 1
Output level (dBuV) DIN 45004 B VHF: -- UHF: 102
Noise figure (dB) VHF: -- UHF: 0,8
SWR Input / Output <2
Maximum consumption (mA) 45
Feed (VDC) jumper ON: 12 jumper OFF: 15..24
Preamplifiers pass NO
Working temperature (ºC) -20 - +50
Connectors F
Installation type Mast
Packing quantity 10