Tengill TV SAT AO-91-S

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FTE gegnumgangstengill fyrir SAT, TV, FM
This outlets series is characterized for its three output connectors. They have conventional TV and Radio outputs with connectors 9,5 mm and third connector is F type and covers IF frequencies band. All models have current pass through SAT connector to feed the LNC. It must be kept in mind that if tension is inyected in one point of the cascade, in all SAT connectors of this cascade will be the same tension, so the necessary caution must be taken when connecting equipments.

Code 0500095
Freq. range (MHz) IN-OUT 5-2300 IN-TV 5,70 / 120-862 IN-R 87,5-108 IN-SAT 950-2300
Pass attenuation 5-300 0,7 300-962 0,8 950-2150 3
TAP attenuation (dB) IN-TV 19 IN-R 21 IN-SAT 23
Decoupling atten. (dB) OUT-TV 30 OUT-R 35 OUT-SAT 25
Current pass SAT
Installation type cascade
Packing quantity 10