Magnari FTE HCA-2210

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Magnari FTE fyrir VHF-S-UHF 47-862MHz þessi er góður í minni kerfi .
HCA Series amplifiers have been designed for the treatment of MATV/CATV signals, in installations with a high number of channels, due to their high output level. As they are finished with zamak, they have a high blindage level. They have a gain regulation margin of 20 dB. The treatment of the return line is what differences the two models. While the simple model HCA 2210 does not include it, HCA 2210 RC model allows to configurate easily two possible wides of the bands for the return channel.

Code 0300307
Inputs / Outputs 1 / 1
Frequencies margin (MHz) 47 - 862
Gain (dB) 22
Regulation margin (dB) 20
Equalization margin NO
Impedance Input / Output (Ω) 75
Noise figure (dB) 5
Output level (DIN 45004 B IMA 3) (dBuV) 114
Output level (DIN 45004 A1 IMA 2) (dBuV) 105
Output level (1R8-15, 36 TV+24 FM) (dBuV) 94
Test output (dB) NO
Return band (MHz) NO
Rejection band attenuation (dB) ---
Main power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Consumption (W) 4
Connectors F
Dimensions (mm) 80 x 120 x 60
Weight (grs.) 1000
Packing quantity 1