Skiptari CS-545-4

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These multiswitches have been made with different attenuation levels and number of tap outlets in terrestrial as well as in SAT. The 4 values of attenuation -24/-19/-14/-4 dB allow to make easily a great number of derivations. With SAT 440 amplifiers series we can amplifie a larger number of polarities without modifying the installed CS 545.

Code 0909545-4
SAT Inputs (950-2200 MHz) 4
Terr. Inputs (47-862 MHz) 1
Outputs TAP (47-2200 Mhz) 4
Outputs cascade SAT / Terr. (47-2200 MHz) NO
Terr. pass attenuation (dB) Terminal
Pass AttenuationTerr. (dB) Terminal
Attenuation TAP SAT (dB) 4 (typ)
TAP Attenuation Terr. (dB) 4 (typ)
Switching 14/18 V 0-22 KHz
Decoupling between SAT inputs (dB) > 25
Maximum level SAT input (dBuV) 95
Maximum level Terr. input (dBuV) 110
Feeding NO
Consumption (mA) 150
Connectors F
Dimens. (width x height x depth)(mm.) 105 x 70 x 30
Weight (grs.) 200
Packing quantity 1