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M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 x 400mm MAX
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M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX

M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX - Wall mount for LCD / LED panel - steel - black - screen size: 32" - 100"




Article no.: 7350073735563

M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX - Wall mount for LCD / LED panel - steel - black - screen size: 32" - 100"
Introducing the championship series of slim wallmounts. Well designed, versatile and powerful. Multibrackets new Super Slim wallmounts has all the craftsmanship and innovation found with Multibrackets built in. Potent weight handling, a clean and simple installation and striking style with an ultra slim result.

At only 18mm the M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX our Multibrackets designers takes the super-slim TV mounts to a new level. With close to no gap wall distance turns your TV into a picture on the wall. The innovative fine tuning design allows for easy post-installation positioning. The tool less tilting mechanism will greatly reduce eye and neck pain and annoying sun glare for perfect viewing experience. Also, the magnetic design in the bracket and the strap end also add a modern look to your house.

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Several steps ahead. The M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX series offers versatile installation features and mounting options. Horizontal and vertical adjustment abilities allow for post installation leveling and lateral shifting (move the screen from side to side after it is in place) making it easier than ever to find the perfect TV position. Lock the tilt angle at installation to prevent tampering or moving. The slim wall plate design offers good wall access, increasing the electrical and cable management options. The wall mount was made to be installed by a single person with simple brackets that hook onto the wall plate for an overall quick, simple, and secure installation.

  • Supports VESA 100/200/300/400/600
  • Magnetic strap ends that easily hides when not in use.
  • Auto-locking magnetic design firmly holds the TV in a close to zero gap position.
  • Tool less tilt allows for effortless positioning
  • Built-in level adjustment ensures perfect positioning
  • Lateral shift brackets enable fast alignment
  • Ultra-slim profile gives you more space in your room
  • Automatic spring locks with quick release cords
  • A Pro bubble level included in the package assures perfect alignment
  • Complete hardware kit included

M VESA Wallmount Super Slim Fixed 600 MAX
Article No:7 350 073 735 563
Fit Screen Size:32"-100"
Type:TV wall mount
Mounting Hole Pattern :Universal
Surface Finish:Electroplating,Powder Coating,Electrophoresis
Color:Slate Black
Weight:2.4 kg
Installation:Double Stud (406mm/450mm)
Max Load:35kg
Max. VESA:600x400mm
VESA Compatible:100x100, 100X150, 100X200, 150X100, 150x150,
200x100, 200x200, 200X300, 300X200,
300X300, 300X400, 400x200, 400X300,
400x400, 600X300, 600x400
Screen Level:±8mm
Profile:18 mm
Bubble Level mount:Included
Cable Management:No
Wall Plate Type:Fixed Wall Plate
Freely Height Adjustable:Yes
Fit Curved TV:Yes
Accessory Kit Package:Yes
Instruction Manual Included:Yes
Magnetic Straps:Yes
Warranty:5 Years
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels:1 pcs
Package Measurements:76.5 x 18 x 5.5 cm
Package Weight:2.40 kg
Distribution Package Specification
Retail Package Parcels:6 pcs
Package Measurements:78 x 39 x 18.5 cm
Package Weight:15.20 kg