Adeo Elegance sýningartjöld

Hafið samband ISK

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PSCHP0205/270  Sýningartjald 250 ELEGANCE 16:9

PSCHP0211/190   SýningartjalD 200 ELEGANCE PERSONAL



Adeo Screen Adeo Screen Elegance without black borders


A fitting name for a model with a refined design and rounded lines. The secret lies in the case: its lateral ends made of pressure die-cast aluminium hide the fastening screws from sight and, once the screen is rolled up, the lid-like screen base forms a seamless whole with the case itself. 

The product’s attention to detail is matched by its versatility: Elegance is the ideal solution for installations which involve specific aesthetic requirements and need personalized adjustments. 

Style and easy installation team up to provide a complete product, which is suitable for any environment.

Available with 50 or 70 mm lateral black borders.


Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

  • Personalized dimensions: width and height
  • Motor type: standard or radio integrated motor (optional)
  • Case: with standard case or quick-installation system
  • Case color: standard in White Matte. Optional in Black Matte. Custom color for an extra cost
  • Height of Top: from 5 to 45 cm
  • Projection surface fall: back (standard), front or reverse-roll (optional)
  • Side of command/motor: right (standard) or left (optional)
  • Projection surfaces: VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro, ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionAcoustik, VisionRear DB and VisionRear only without black border
  • ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey,  VisionAcoustik, VisionRear DB, VisionRear only without black borders
  • Aspect ratios: 1:1 - 4:3 - 16:10 - 16:9 - 21:9 - 2.37:1 - 2.39:1 - 2.40:1

Standard accessories:

  • Kit with wall- or ceiling-mount brackets
  • Unipolar selector switch
  • Remote control (only for radio-integrated version)

Optional accessories: