Tengi F RG11 10,1mm

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Tengi F PRG11 10,1mm
Þyngd: 24 gr.
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Professional F-connector: Platinum (for TRISET-11)
Code: E80275

Top-quality Platinum F-connector for use on TRISET-11 coax.
The connector has been designed to ensure watertightness (after crimping). During compression of the connector a plastic bush is tightly pressed against the sheath of the cable (by putting on cone-shaped brass bush). The plastic material is protected by patent (Delrin of DuPont company well known for quality of products). It is UV-proof, and ensures stable physical parameters in very wide temperature range. The metal parts of the connector are made of nickel-plated brass and are corrosion-proof.
The way of crimping ensures high mechanical strength, watertightness, and stability of parameters. The compression should be made with the crimping tool E80077.


F-connector Platinum for TRISET-11



Physical specification
Material Brass
Plating Nickel
Plastic bush
 DuPont Delrin 527UV*
Gasket EPDM
Dimensions (height x diameter)mm 42 x 11.5
Electrical parameters
Frequency range
VSWR at 1GHz
Return loss at 1GHzdB>25
Screening efficiency at 1GHzdB






Töng E80077